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Simply BFI intuitive business intelligence tool was built to help small businesses create a competitive advantage by turning complicated data into simple reports. Imagine you could predict the future.

Main features

  • Automapping: Automatically map all accounts across all companies with 100% match on description and type
  • Collaborate: Add Team Members and multiple users with unique rights to all of your reports
  • Consolodate: Combine up to 150 Xero Organisations into 1 Report
  • Customise: Are the Standard Reports not enough? Let us help you customise or add additional reports based on your unique requirements
  • Data audit logs: Find detailed data audit logs to see if refreshes completed successfully or failed to restart sync process
  • Data refresh intervals: Set and customise Data Refresh intervals to ensure you have the latest data when required
  • Database automation: Custom database creation in seconds
  • Interact with your data: Click and play with your data in reports and use the drilldown feature to see the details
  • Role-based security: Customised Report Roles to control what you want your users to see

How it works

An innovative intelligence module that integrates with Xero Accounting. With Simply BFI you can add team members, consolidate data sources and produce customized reports and get simple answers to complicated business questions within seconds. See exactly what's hiding in your data by finding patterns that lead to actionable insights. Having the ability to dig deeper will help you make compelling business decisions.

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Connect to Xero

Connect your Xero’s to start the data import & review your activity logs to monitor when imports are done.

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Master Account

Set up your Master Account list and map your accounts from every Xero to the Master Account list for better consolidated reporting.


View your Standard reports.


Automated process to direct your staff to value adding activities with great accuracy. Ensure products are always on the shelf.

With an improved IT cost predictability, our offering assists clients to scale their IT assets in terms of its maturity and future requirements.

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