Due Diligence & Technical Audits

Providing a comprehensive summary of the condition and efficiency of plants.

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With our due diligence and technical audits on operating processes, we can provide a comprehensive summary of the condition and efficiency of plants, which in turn forms the starting point of a plant’s lean transformation journey.

Such an audit is not limited to due diligence and the associated examination of the plant’s operations. It also serves as a measure to identify the areas of operations that require a deeper level of focus, investigation or improvement. At the same time, the audit includes a review of the potential investment terms – from an overall corporate governance perspective – of the current production assets.

This focused approach provides a platform from which we can establish the capital investment required to move a production asset from its current state towards its maximum capability, for each production process. This knowledge is key to making better and more informed decisions and improving operations. We translate our assessment into an actionable plan, enabling our clients to reduce downtime, improve efficiency, lower the rate of breakdowns and achieve and maintain high-quality production.

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