Salesforce is a cloud-based software that provides a wide range of customer relationship management (CRM) and business management solutions to organizations of all sizes.

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With a user-friendly interface and a strong focus on customer experience, Salesforce has become a leading provider of cloud-based business solutions, trusted by organizations across industries around the world.

Salesforce's products and solutions include sales automation, marketing automation, customer service management, analytics, and social collaboration.

More sales, better service, improved collaboration, greater customer insight

The No. 1 Customer Relationship Management tool for small, medium, and large businesses.

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Salesforce Services and Resources

Discover the scalable cloud CRM that will transform your business.

sales cloud
Sales Cloud

Software which helps to automate sales activities.​

  • Efficient customer communication via multiple channels​
  • Increase sales productivity​
  • Increase sales revenue​
  • Increase opportunity win rate
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ui screen forecast
ui screen services
service cloud
Service Cloud

Customer Service Software which helps to make customer support quick and efficient.​

  • Increase customer retention​
  • Increase agent productivity
  • Faster case resolution
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marketing cloud
Marketing Cloud

Marketing Automation Software that helps to improve the efficiency of marketing activities.

  • Increase lead volume
  • Increase lead conversion​
  • Increase Marketing ROI
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ui screen marketing
einstein analytics
Einstein Analytics

Learn from your data and make predictions.​

  • Focus effort for maximum impact (e.g. work on deals likely to be won)
  • Work smarter to save time (e.g. power workflows with predictions)
  • Gain insights and improve outcomes (e.g. See what affects win rate)
  • Improve forecasting accuracy (e.g. predict close date)
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CRM analytics
CRM Analytics

Discover the story your data has to tell.​

  • Increase productivity (e.g. automatically uncover simple answers to complex business questions)
  • Enable data-driven decisions (e.g. equip sales leaders with pre-built industry KPIs)
  • Improve collaboration (e.g. act on findings by collaborating with annotations)
  • Automate manual processes (e.g. key metric notifications)
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Salesforce is designed to help businesses streamline their operations, improve customer engagement, and drive revenue growth.

unless the power of your data

Unleash the Power of Your Data

Empower every Salesforce user with an intelligent experience.


Connect all business
and customer data


Infuse tailored,
actionable insights


Make smarter decisions
in the flow of work


Automatically scales,
as your business grows

Salesforce Connectors

Easily connect to Salesforce and external data.

50+ out of the box connectors

Combine external data with your Salesforce data.

Security standards you can trust

Connectors with best-in-class security protocols

Variety of connectors for your needs

Read, direct, and write connectors across the sources most important to your business

Out-of-the-box templates

Go from data to insights, fast.

Apps for the entire Customer 360

Custom apps for any line of business based on best practices and business context

Apps for every industry

Custom apps integrated within Salesforce industry products with best practices KPIs and custom data models

Fast time-to-value with templates

Instead of building datasets and visualizations from scratch, deploy in minutes and customize over time

Financial Services


Consumer Goods



Energy & Utilities




Actionable analytics in the Salesforce flow

Make your data work for you by taking action at the right time.

Discover Insights Everywhere in Salesforce

Explore visualizations and get predictions integrated where you work, on any object in Salesforce

Take Action at the Point of Insight

Stay proactive by doing things like opening a record or logging a call directly from analytics

Increase Productivity and Adoption

Improve the user experience by providing guidance users can take instant action on

Minimal IT and infrastructure complexity

Data store, data prep, analytics, and ML platform included.

Complete data store and data prep built in

Native data prep with connectors for all your external data needs; no additional architecture required

AI-powered predictions and recommendations

Out of the box ML platform included in CRM Analytics stack

Embedded and actionable insights everywhere

No custom code required to integrate intelligent analytics throughout the Salesforce user experience

Our value Propositions

Increase sales performance

Improve customer retention

Increase lead conversion

Increase marketing ROI

Know your customer

Track customer journeys

Improved data for data-driven decision-making

Use existing data to see what’s happening in a business, why it’s happening, what’s predicted to happen, and what can be done to drive the best future outcomes

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