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From inception to project closeout, our business analysts form the golden thread between Business and IT.

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We join our clients on their unique digital transformation journeys

Our expert team of business and systems analysts act as the bridge between the technical and non-technical team members to ensure that a client’s requirements are fully met.

To this end, we essentially stand in the gap as the proverbial gate keepers, who understand the value and also the impact of any imminent change – and we are well equipped to transfer these insights to your team members.

With our focus on continuous improvement, we work collaboratively with our key stakeholders to understand complex business problems, develop effective solutions and implement those solutions in a way that drives measurable business value.

We are communicators, problem solvers, process improvers, analytical thinkers, collaborators and leaders in our field. We are the Business and Systems Analysis team!

Let’s start the conversation on how we can help you transition from the “old” to the exciting “new”, while ensuring scalability and sustainability for your organisation’s future.

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Business Analysis services include

skilled resourcing

Skills gaps within teams can have a significant impact on a company's ability to operate effectively and efficiently. Having an experienced business analyst (or team of business analysts) augment your existing team, can add valuable expertise, objectivity, efficiency and enable cost saving, while enjoying full access to our wide array of knowledge artefacts.

business case development
Business Case Development

Crafting a high-impact business case can be extremely time-consuming. If you are ready to reap the benefits of informed decision-making, enhanced stakeholder management, improved resource utilisation and allocation, as well as proactive risk management for your organisation, our business case development resources are here to partner with you.

business analysis

Business analysis is all about identifying, articulating and finding a suitable/tailored solution for your organisation's challenges. Our business analysis consultants join your organisation on its journey, irrespective of the maturity level or project type, and work alongside you to ensure favourable and sustainable solutions. Business analysis is at the foundation of operational efficiency and organisation agility, as it enhances stakeholder engagement and ease decision-making, while ultimately driving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

systems analysis

If your systems are currently not operating at high performance and utilisation levels, your organisation may be battling to adapt to the ever-changing market. Aligning your systems landscape requirements to your organisational goals is pivotal for ensuring organisational agility – and our team of experts are well-equipped and ready to help you optimise your information system investments.

business process analysis and improvement
Business Process Analysis & Improvement

Process inefficiencies have an extremely costly impact on organisations. By having your business processes optimised, your organisation can ensure significant improvements in productivity and efficiency, as well as regulatory compliance, allowing your business to achieve more in less time – with higher levels of customer satisfaction.

ui/ux design

A UI/UX touch to a solution enhances user satisfaction, improve solution adoption, ensure consistent alignment with an organisation’s brand and image, reduce development cost by refining user needs early in the design process and reduce support costs by designing user friendly interfaces which requires less support.

ba as a service
BA as a

Our BA-a-a-S offering affords our clients access to a business analysis consultant with a very unique skillset spanning across various offerings. Our consultants do not only have specialised knowledge of the different industries, domains and technologies they work with, but their holistic skillset and insight bring undeniable value to our clients' strategic decision-making process.

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