Project Pipeline Planning

Equip your planning committee to provide insight to executives, management, and leads of your organisation on the cost and expected benefit of planned projects at different phases of their implementation.

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The Project Pipeline Planning dashboards provides visibility on your organisation's portfolio of planned projects that you can use to inform decision making and support the tracking of progress over time through iterative playback of the planning process going forward.

With the "Portfolio Overview" and "Portfolio Overview – Timeline" dashboards you can quickly assess the project cost and benefit composition of your portfolio.

The "Projects - Cost & Benefit" dashboard allows you to compare projects per area, while the "Projects by Detail" dashboard gives you a more granular view of each project's constituent parts.

The "Project Profile" dashboard allows you to view a specific project to better understand the project details.

Finally, the "Projects per Goal" dashboard enables you to view how the project portfolio maps to your strategic goals.

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Key Business Questions:

  • Are there any goals that do not have supporting projects planned?
  • Which projects (and their constituent initiatives) are the organisation strategically focused on?
  • What is the overall contribution of all projects to the costs and benefits?
  • How do the costs measure up to the benefits over time?
  • What is the business unit ranking regarding benefits and costs?
  • Which phase is each initiative currently in as per its planned timeline (start and completion dates)
  • What is the cost-benefit analysis for each project?


  • Planned cost
  • Expected benefit
  • Project count
  • Initiative count

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