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Our team of analysts leverage technology to transform data into actionable insights.

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The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of any organisation form the basis of performance management and measurement

Having timely access to such data, as well as the ability to consume, interrogate and analyse the data in an uncomplicated manner, provides leaders with key decision-making power.

Moyo provides the technology platforms, solutions and frameworks to deliver actionable insights, enabling the organisation to extract optimum value from its data.

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Analytics & Business Intelligence include


By using a consultant for Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) work can bring valuable expertise, objectivity, increased efficiency, skill augmentation, cost savings, and access to specialised resources to an organisation. Stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

analytics strategy
Analytics Strategy

Defining an analytics and BI strategy can lead to improved decision-making, increased efficiency, better alignment with business goals, better data governance, improved data quality, and increased competitiveness. Deliver actionable business insights by creating a business-aligned reporting and analytics strategy.

dashboard accelerators
Dashboard Accelerators

We create interactive dashboards that allow for the visualisation and analysis of data and then deploy them. Our dashboard accelerators provide pre-built templates that make it easier for users to create dashboards without having to write code or perform complex data integrations. The goal of our dashboard accelerators is to enable organisations to quickly gain insights from their data and make informed decisions.

reporting and dashboard implementation
Reporting and Dashboard Implementation

Tailored to specific business needs: Custom dashboards are designed specifically for the unique needs and requirements of an organisation, ensuring that data and insights are presented in a way that is meaningful and relevant to the business.

Increased engagement: Custom dashboards can help to increase engagement with data, since it addresses the users’ specific need. This can help to ensure that stakeholders are more likely to interact with the data and use it to make informed decisions.

analytics and bi platform migration modernisation
Analytics and BI Platform Migration / Modernisation

Modernising a legacy data warehouse and reporting system can lead to increased scalability, improved performance, better data governance, increased user adoption, improved data integration, and improved ROI.

analytics and bi platform assessment
Analytics and BI Platform Assessment

We conduct an assessment and review your organisation's current analytics and BI platform.

data storytelling and visual analytics design
Data Storytelling and Visual Analytics Design

By applying visual analytics and dashboard design, reports can lead to improved insights, increased efficiency, better communication, increased engagement, improved data discovery, and increased data literacy.

measures framework
Measures Framework

Defining a measures framework can lead to improved decision-making, better alignment with business goals, increased accountability, improved data quality, better data governance, and consistent reporting.

analytics and bi platform adoption roadmap
Analytics and BI Platform Adoption Roadmap

Improved planning: A well-designed analytics adoption roadmap can help to provide a clear and structured plan for how to approach the adoption of analytics in an organisation, including the goals, timelines, and resources required.

Increased alignment: A well-designed analytics adoption roadmap can help to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned on the objectives, priorities, and expected outcomes of the analytics adoption effort, reducing the risk of miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Increased ROI: A well-designed analytics adoption roadmap can help to increase the return on investment of the analytics adoption effort, such as by reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving business performance.

Improved transparency: A well-designed analytics adoption roadmap can help to improve transparency, such as by providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of the progress of the analytics adoption effort and any challenges that may arise.

analytics and bi reporting platform rollout
Analytics and BI Reporting Platform Rollout

Improved data-driven decision-making: A BI platform can help consolidate data from multiple sources and present it in a clear and concise manner, enabling executives to make informed decisions based on data, rather than gut instincts.

Increased efficiency: A BI platform can automate many manual tasks, freeing up time and resources that can be reallocated to more strategic initiatives.

Better data governance and security: A BI platform can provide a centralised location for data storage, reducing the risk of data loss or theft, and enabling organisations to enforce data security and privacy policies.

Enhanced data visualisation: With interactive dashboards, charts, and reports, a BI platform can make it easier for executives to quickly understand data trends, patterns, and relationships.

Improved collaboration: By making data accessible to all relevant stakeholders, a BI platform can encourage collaboration and cross-functional alignment.

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